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Everything to Know About Pea Gravel and its Many Uses in your Landscaping Plan

Pea gravel is a type of rock found in nature where flowing water once rounded each stone. They are small but uniformly-sized rocks with various uses and different colors that are dependent on the color of the parent stone. There are a few features that different pea gravel from the other different types of gravel, one being its shape and texture. Unlike other types of gravel, pea gravel is smooth and rounded, mainly because of the water that once flowed around them. if you are thinking about updating your home’s landscape, pea gravel is one of the materials you should use. This article highlights some of the things pea gravel is used for.

Pea gravel can be used for landscaping for paths, patios, and other areas with foot traffic in your home. In addition to using pea gravel to mark footpaths on your property, you can use it as a decorative mulch around your plants too. It plays the role of mulch while also enhancing the appearance of your property. One of the best ways to use pea gravel for landscaping on your property is using it as a material for patio base. If you prepare a strong structural base layer, you will enjoy the benefits of pea gravel as patio base for years to come.

Apart from using pea gravel as material for patio base, they can be used as garden paths too. Using pea gravel as garden paths is one of the best ways to give your home a classic landscaping feature that will remain attractive for a long time, plus it can be used together with other materials to create the design. Creating a pear gravel driveway is another way to use as a landscaping material. Due to the weight of your car or truck you should use pea gravel with other materials after preparing a strong foundation base to ensure it can accommodate the weight. Read more on the use of pea gravel for landscaping here.

You can also use pea gravel to design your garden and create different styles that make it appealing and beautiful. Pea gravel is especially important in the parts of your garden where weed are to be discouraged; it does not permit the growth of weed, plus you can use it where you are expecting food traffic to avoid people walking all over your garden. Consider using pea gravel as much in your garden because it is effective when it comes to retaining water in the soil and stabilizing temperatures around your plants. These are some of the many ways you can use pea gravel as a landscaping material in your home. Consider reading through this post to get more info about this topic:

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